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Twelve years has gone since we last saw each other as a whole family. I was five then and I don’t remember a single thing that took place in our 1998 family reunion for my father’s side. But every detail of our 2010 reunion will forever be embedded in my mind and heart, not just because I got to see my distant relatives whom I’ve only gotten to know then, but because I got to see my parents and siblings after 6 excruciatingly long months.
“Oh my! Ang laki-laki mo na!” this was what every single relative of mine said when I finally got to meet them. I arrived in Iloilo before my parents because I came there together with my uncle via RORO since we had the back of his pick-up filled with fireworks for the New Year. I had to wait a week before I got to see my beloved family who came all the way from Bukidnon.
At first, I didn’t find anything special about Iloilo, except for their abundant supply of seafood, I guess. But you see, I haven’t seen my parents and siblings for six months and being able to spend time with them there even if we just stayed at home and did nothing extraordinary, made me see Iloilo as such a beautiful place.
I liked the location of our family house in Iloilo. It seemed to be located in one of those small barrios, really quiet and all. If you travel a little you’re in the beach; then you travel a little more and boom! SM City Iloilo is right in front of you. It just took really long to get from one place to another because of the traffic. I somehow felt like I was back in the crowded streets of Metro Manila whenever I would be stuck in traffic, trying to find my way back to my cousin’s house where I stayed for a week while waiting for my parents and siblings.
I spent my Christmas Eve partying in my cousin’s wedding reception. It was my first Christmas without my family but it was okay. I mean technically, I still spent it with family, right? But still, it felt different. We didn’t do anything that I used to do in Bukidnon during Christmas Eve and that truly made me miss my family even more. I wanted to cry but it is really amazing how a simple phone call can change everything in a heart’s beat.
I had to wait three more days before I finally got to hug my mom who seems to worry all the time; my crazy dad who is the opposite of my mom; my “healthy” little sister who grew really tall since the last time I saw her; and last but not the least, my ever so pessimistic brother who seems to not care about me but deep inside I know he misses me as much as I missed him. Oh, Iloilo is so beautiful from where I’m viewing it right now.
My cousins from wherever they’re from started arriving in the resort we stayed in for the reunion. The reunion program only lasted a night but was truly a blast. We stayed in the resort for 3 days and two nights. On the third day, which was New Year’s Eve, we all checked out and headed to our respective homes. Some of my relatives had to leave because they still had work abroad while my family and I stayed in our family house with my Nanay Cory to get ready for our New Year’s Eve celebration later.
Nightfall came and my cousins and I started goofing around with the fireworks. The streets of Iloilo were filled with jolly people going about and making all sorts of noises. Motorcycles would pass by with tin cans attached behind just to create noise. It was a wild New Year. Our fireworks display lasted for almost two hours and the night sky was beautiful. That moment was beautiful; knowing that my family was by my side made it even more beautiful. I wanted that moment to last forever.
January 2, 2011. It was the last time I saw my family in the flesh. I swore I wouldn’t cry but my dad was very annoying with every word he said a tear drop fell. It was raining that morning. It was a very gloomy day. I arrived in Manila and the traffic reminded me of Iloilo.
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