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Going Back

March 26, 2009 - the day I finally left a place that had caused me lots of tears, frustrations, anxieties, and stress; the day I finally departed a place that had deprived me from an everyday adequate sleep and rest; the day I finally stepped forward and moved on to new challenges in life; the day I finally left my alma matter, Colegio de Santa Rosa. I was finally graduating and going off to college. Goodbye, old school and hello, UP! I was actually excited to be leaving because, finally, I was going to see new faces, meet new friends, and explore new areas. Once you have stayed in a place too long, really, you just get so used to it that it becomes tiring. I honestly believed I would not miss my school that much nor would I want to go back to it for a long time just to reminisce.

Days seemed to pass by quickly, however, as I had found myself once again in the familiar grounds of CSR after just ten months. The school’s forty sixth foundation day was being held and I just could not resist the temptation of going back. I don’t know if I had returned to watch the festivities or, really, just to see how much things have changed.

Getting down from the car and looking up, I was shocked by the drastic change in the colors of the buildings. The once-neutral shades of white and light gray were changed into pomelo pink and pale yellow colors. This was, I guess, an eager display of femininity as it was, after all, an all-girls school.

As I entered the main entrance, I was greeted by familiar faces and smiles of friends and teachers. Everyone was just so warm and friendly! I can’t help but smile longingly as I felt welcome in these grounds, even if I no longer study here. The sense of familiarity made me nostalgic as I went up to the third floor and walked through the hallways, glancing through every glass windows to see the rooms inside. As usual, they were kept clean by the school’s maintenance, but few books here and there were always left out of place by stubborn students. Wooden desks we used to sit on while listening to our teachers were still in rows and columns of six; whiteboards we used to write on during discussions and occasionally doodled on during break time still have those familiar date boxes and worship assignments; those bulletin boards at the back of every classroom were still designed creatively by the students; and the airconditioners at the side of each classrooms were still in place, including the ancient one that was barely working, even back then.

Because of the occasion, the field was yet again packed with loads of people. The high school cheerdance competition was starting and all, including I, raced to get a spot with a great view of the contest. The quadrangle found at the back of the field where the other batches waited their turn to perform, the familiar trees surrounding the field that some would take shade under, and the benches where almost all would stand on just to take a good look sent me a mixed emotion of happiness and longing. I felt happy because I was back in my territory – a school that has been a second home to me for twelve years. Despite the festive mood, however, I can’t help but pout a little. I longed for my old high school life back, for the company of my friends and teachers that I grew up with, and for the school that has treated me well.

As I went home, the feeling of melancholy yearning enveloped me. There in my rear view mirror, is a school that stood with great pride. It is in this establishment that I learned how to read and write; it is in these buildings that I discovered my talents, strengths, and weaknesses; it is in these classrooms that I met my friends whom I made lots of memories with; and it is in these grounds that I walked in the hallways, ran during PE classes, tripped carelessly on stairs, skipped merrily to friends, and eventually marched to get my diploma. Colegio de Santa Rosa instilled in me its teachings and molded me to become a true Roseña. And although I have moved on to another step in my life, CSR will still be forever a part of me!
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