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A Travel
by Bonn Cherchez Uy

December 18, 2010 - I was on a plane travelling from Manila to Singapore. Looking at the window, I was imagining the exciting things, me and my girlfriend will be doing in my two week stay. Few hours more and our plane arrived at last, I grabbed my things and walked as fast as I could, anxious to meet my girlfriend.
As I walked towards the exit there were a lot of people looking at my direction, I stopped and looked back at them and was hoping that my girlfriend would be one of those in the crowd. Not seeing her at first glance, I looked left and right until I finally saw her. She was wearing a violet tank top layered with a bright pink jacket, a shorts and a mesmerizing smile. Excited as I was, I walked faster than before and as soon as I got out, my girlfriend hugged me tight and didn’t let go for about 10 seconds, before letting go she looked at me with a teary eye and gave me a sweet kiss.
We walked to the taxi stand and there was a blue Toyota cab waiting. It has “Comfort” written on it’s door probably the company name of the taxi. Above it was an LED screen, which projecting green light that spells TAXI. Beside the taxi was manong taxi driver giving us a smile anticipating we would ride his car. I pointed at the trunk of the taxi, signaling the driver to open it and immediately manong taxi driver opened it. I loaded my things, opened the door for my girlfriend and boarded the taxi.
As soon as I sat, manong’s head suddenly appeared from the right front seat which shocked me because I was expecting he would be seated at the left seat, he laughs and asked for our destination. My girlfriend, who was laughing at that time gave the address and smiled at me.
As a computer scientist, there were things inside that taxi that caught my attention. One of them was the credit card reader located just beside the taxi meter. Beside it was a mini-printer which prints travel receipt. Above it was a touch screen LCD, that tells the driver which route to take to reach our destination. Besides the LCD is a mini-CPU with a GPS tracking system. Looking at them gave me the idea to create a mobile software that will do most of the things I saw inside the taxi, so I picked my planner and wrote in my to do list “make a taxi mobile software”.
“Ano’ng tingin mo sa Singapore?” my girlfriend’s voice suddenly got my attention, “Ano yun?” I replied as I face her. She said “Ano’ng tingin mo sa Singapore?” while pointing outside the window, I look outside and the only significant thing I saw were trees and trees after buildings. I replied “Parang pina-laking UP Diliman”. My girlfriend laughed and told me, “Taga-UP talaga ah, Hindi yun, ang ibig kong sabihin, ano sa tingin mo ang pasko dito sa Singapore?” , I looked outside again, and I’ve notice there were no Christmas lights, no parols, no single Christmas decoration in the streets lights, trees, and building. I replied “Malungkot”. She looked at me with a smile as if saying “don’t worry, I’ll make sure you will have fun this Christmas”.
Minutes past and we finally arrived to our destination, it cost us 15 Singapore dollar (480-500 Philippine peso). As we enter my girlfriends apartment, we were greeted by her housemate, “Merry Christmas” they said, I smiled and greet them back. They were preparing for their Christmas party, so for me not to bother them I went straight to my girlfriend’s room stored my stuff and bathe. After fixing myself I went out and help them, after few hours of preparing it was all set and the party commenced.
The party was great and I really had fun. We played games, eat good food, drink a little, and sang until 6 the next morning. It was just my first day and I already had a blast, my thought of it being sad was wrong. Christmas in Singapore isn’t that bad at all.

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